This Day Matters

A few weeks ago I was having dinner at my grandma’s apartment and my sister said something offhanded about something that she couldn’t wait for. My grandma, who will be 92 this year and has lived through the Great Depression, the Second World War and more life than I can imagine, looked up at us with world weary eyes and said “Don’t wish your life away.”

Don’t wish your life away. That’s what I do, isn’t it? When I spend my week thinking about my plans for the weekend. When I spent my college years looking forward to having a “real job” and when I spend my single years looking forward to being married.

I don’t know where I got this idea, but in the back of my mind I’ve always had this picture of what it will look like when I finally “arrive” at the place that God wants me to be. Sometimes it comes in the form of a perfect husband and marriage. Sometimes it looks like a full library of books in my dream house. Other times it’s the idea of a job that both excites and fulfills me and makes me thrilled to get out of bed each morning.

And I know I’m still quite young comparatively speaking, but even at (almost) 23, I’ve begun to feel disillusioned with it all. Perhaps it’s reality setting in or maybe I’m getting cynical, but I don’t think that moment will come.

But what if this life is not about attaining anything? What if “God’s Will” isn’t the summit of the mountain but the entirety of the journey? What if the first fumbling steps off the grassy plains are as monumental as the moment when we arrive, light headed and exhausted at the peak?

“We have the idea that God is leading us toward a particular end or a desired goal, but He is not. The question of whether or not we arrive at a particular goal is of little importance, and reaching it becomes merely an episode along the way. What we see as only the process of reaching a particular end, God sees as the goal itself.” (Oswald Chambers)

In the church, we hear a lot about God’s will. But too often we think of it as something to work towards. We spend so much time trying to decipher God’s will before we make the big decisions. What college to go to, what job to take, who to marry. I would even say we obsess over getting the big things right. And of course those things matter, but a few key decisions do not encompass the whole of God’s will for your life.

After all, every big decision is just a lot of little decisions put together. Every marriage starts with a first conversation. Every career starts with the thought that “Maybe I would be good at this.”

So why aren’t we concerned about God’s will with every conversation, every idle musing, every seemingly inconsequential decision we make? Why isn’t it the first thought on our minds every day? Shouldn’t it be?

I’m not saying that I’m there yet, though I wish I could say that. But that’s what I want my life to be defined by- a lot of todays lived in simple obedience to where God leads me. Not a life of vain planning for to do God’s will when I’m ready.

This isn’t another Carpe Diem (#yolo) rant. This is about something more than just sucking the life out of every moment. This is about bringing life to every moment. 

Because today matters.

“Choose this day whom you will serve.. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15 ESV) 

“Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation. Selah” (Psalm 68:19)

“Give us this day our daily bread.” (Matthew 6:11)


3 thoughts on “This Day Matters

  1. Love reading your blogs, though this is coincidentally like my email that I sent to all my Christian friends only a few days ago… scary huh … :)

    Disillusionment as I settle in…

    Morning, Afternoon and Evening Friends,

    As I sit here and type out this email I contemplate what the next step and the choices I need to make all the while pondering the next vision that might fixate on the next part of my life’s journey. But as the days tick by and I clock in and out of work, time really flies once hitting the work band wagon and I begin to become complacent in my relationship with Christ, which in some respects can be a negative experience.

    Some of you may not have encompassed this or some of you may have encountered this and like me wondered what on earth God allowed me to be where I currently am and what direction should I go as I currently stabilize my life’s options, style and relationships all the while I continue to choose to connect and disconnect with my Creator. Questions and choices that arise are things like should I jump in and go overseas and do missionary work so I can feel the spiritual kick that I once knew in my teen years knowing that I am doing the Lord’s work, or should I start thinking about moving out of home, since I’m needing to expand my independence as my maturity starts to develop, or should I wait for divine providence from our Lord which may or may not eventuate depending if He wants to disclose himself to me in that manner. So many questions and choices in front of me…what ta do…

    These questions and choices can sometimes leave me to be quite disillusioned since I have no idea what road to take and where I may be going is quite uncertain… But as I read today’s article, I can take heart that I am currently not alone and that all paths do lead back to Christ. Even if they are the mistaken or the dark and dangerous ones, I am not alone when I am with him inside and out. This is as long as I can develop “hupomone” and continue to live in this experience that this world, God and Satan delivers us all the while continuing in spreading God’s love throughout my corner of this life that God has given to me.

    So as yourself and I continue this life’s journey, and if you get the chance to read this article I hope and pray that you may receive something special out of it, as I did. Like me, we all seem to wonder where this life will lead and what lies ahead. CS. Lewis once said…”All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.”, so make this life count.

    God Bless,
    )Counselling by equipping families to heal(
    )the nations while enjoying the ride in Christ(

    • One thing that I have loved about starting to blog is realizing how much of what God has been teaching me He is also teaching so many others around the world. Sometimes the Christian life seems like a lonely journey, but I’m constantly reminded that I have this great, global Christian family living and learning along with me. We truly serve an awesome God!

  2. Yep He certainly is, and I’m sitting here in Australia reading your blog, your an inspiration Beth, all thanks to our Lord. See amazing things happen…

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